Murano glass vases

Stunning vases hand-made in Murano glass by Venetian glass masters!

The initial focus of glass manufacturing was on the production of everyday living objects, like dishes or glasses. This category included Murano glass vases only as food containers. Indeed, at that time glass was highly esteemed as a material for dinnerware rather than decoration. However, the only exception was the “Veronese vase”. Its name comes from its appearance in the painting of the Annunciation by the famous artist Paolo Veronese as a decorative object. Since it has a unique design, it is still in production today.

The apex of the evolution of Murano glass vases dates back to the beginning of the 1900s thanks to the contribution of Vittorio Zecchin, Napoleone Martinuzzi and Carlo Scarpa. The first one, son of a glass making technician, was a notable “art nouveau” painter. After WWI he decided to dedicate his talent to applied art. As a result of his contribution to the resurgence of Murano glass, he has the title of first great modern designer. Napoleone Martinuzzi, glass designer and entrepreneur, is the producer of a series of refined vases with innovative “plastic” shapes. Many of these vases are in some of the world’s greatest museums. In addition to classic vases, a parallel production line fulfills a different furnishing market demand. This brings forth modern vases and styles connected with the latest design trends.

Murano glass vases are doubtlessly the artistic production in which the island’s glassmaking masters daringly experiment, then as now. Finally, Carlo Scarpa's collaboration with Paolo Venini  led to an experiment with Murano glass and its potential as a raw material, giving life to stunningly modern objects.


Whether you prefer a modern or a classic style, we offer hundrends of vases in all shapes, sizes and styles. From colorful to clear glass, murrine pattern to plain color, with or without decoration, of a simple or elaborated design. All of Murano glass vases will confer a beautiful and stylish design to your home that will astonish your guests. Or why not, amaze your friends with one of our vases of timeless elegance as an original gift idea! Choose your favourite among hundreds of different vases here!

What are you waiting for? Buy now our magnificent Murano glass vases. Here following some samples.

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