Murano Glass Production

The unique Glass Production on the Island of Murano. Come and discover how our Glass Masters create unique artworks by combining materials, colors and decorations.

Why is Murano Glass so famous?

At YourMurano, we delve into the rich history and unparalleled craftsmanship behind the worldwide renown of Murano...

Why the Island of Murano and not another one for glass production?

Explaining the reasons why Murano glass is produced specifically on the island of Murano and non somewhere else

Why is Murano glass so expensive?

Delve into the artistry and individuality that underlie the value of Murano glass, uncovering the intricate...

What is Murano Glass Calcedony or Calcedonio

Murano Glass calcedonio, also known as "aventurine glass," is a type of glass that features a unique, iridescent...

Luxury Murano Glass Vases

The process of creating a Murano glass vase is very complex, as it requires a great deal of skill and expertise. Here...

Murano Calcedony Glass Sculptures

Calcedony Sculptures Handcrafted with the most Traditional Glass Masters’ Techniques, colors and shapes sized for...

Murano glass decorative finishes

If we think about Murano glass, we imagine beautiful, highly decorated products. But do we know how these decorative...

Types of Murano glass and their processing

Crystal glass, or Vetro cristallino, is a transparent, clear glass. Its production comes from the purification of raw...


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