About Murano Glass

Tradition and Art come together in magical Murano Glass creations. Find out more about Blown Glass, a symbol of Venice's Culture.

Why the Island of Murano and not another one for glass production?

Explaining the reasons why Murano glass is produced specifically on the island of Murano and non somewhere else

How can authentic Murano glass be distinguished from imitations?

Embark on a quest to differentiate authentic Murano glass from mere imitations, where the captivating essence of...

Why is Murano glass so expensive?

Delve into the artistry and individuality that underlie the value of Murano glass, uncovering the intricate...

How to decorate your Home with a Murano Glass Vase

Murano glass vases are elegant and timeless pieces for your home decor. Handcrafted in Italy, these vases are...

How to use a Murano Glass Bowl to decorate the living room

Murano glass bowls are stunning works of art that can be used to add elegance and sophistication to any living room....

What is a murano glassmaker?

A Murano glassmaker is a skilled artisan who creates Murano glass objects using traditional glassblowing techniques.

What is Murano Glass Murrina?

Murano glass murrina (murrine) is a decorative technique used in Murano glassmaking that involves creating intricate...

Murano glass decorative finishes

If we think about Murano glass, we imagine beautiful, highly decorated products. But do we know how these decorative...


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