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Dive into the magic of original Murano artistic glass with this incredible selection of handcrafted blown glass aquariums. Each work is unique in its kind thank to the artistic creativity of the glass master. Your home decor will acquire new light and depth through these Murano glass aquarium sculptures. Imagine them in your living room or in the entrance hall of your home! These Marine environments in blown glass are also ideal as a splendid gift idea for special occasions!

Murano glass aquarium Artistic glass sculpture Murano glass aquarium
Limited special offer
$ 977.55 $ 1,029.00
Cheerful Murano glass multicolor aquarium. It features three colored fishes plugged into a glass structure. The colors used in the realization of this artistic sculpture, are suitable for each type of room as a...

Decorative tropical aquarium Collectible interior design item Decorative tropical aquarium
Limited special offer

Multicolor decorative aquarium Collectible interior design item Multicolor decorative aquarium
Limited special offer
$ 1,197.00 $ 1,260.00
Fancy aquarium in Murano glass. The square-shaped sculpture can be exposed on a coffee table in which room you prefer. Think of it in your home design!
Decorative collectible aquarium Tropical marine scenario in venetian glass Decorative collectible aquarium
Limited special offer
$ 2,337.00 $ 2,460.00
Decorative round-shaped item in Murano glass. It features marine scenery composed of five tropical fishes and seaweed. A perfect collectible item.
Multicolor aquarium in Murano glass Tropical seabed in venetian glass Multicolor aquarium in Murano glass
Limited special offer
$ 1,460.34 $ 1,537.20
Wonderful Murano glass collectible sculpture. It features four colorful tropical fishes plugged in a crystal aquarium. Great gift idea for who loves collecting this kind of artistic items.
Made in Italy gift idea Handmade home decor item Made in Italy gift idea
Limited special offer
$ 1,653.00 $ 1,740.00
Breathtaking Murano glass aquarium figure of colorful tropical fishes on the seabed. Imagine this lovely handmade piece as the perfect addition to your home office.

Made in Italy luxury gift idea Venetian glass decorative item Made in Italy luxury gift idea
Limited special offer
$ 1,185.60 $ 1,248.00
Impressive square-shaped marine sculpture realized in Murano glass. Unique decorative accessory, which will make your home design memorable!

Murano glass tropical seabed Tropical fishes in venetian glass Murano glass tropical seabed
Limited special offer
$ 2,154.60 $ 2,268.00
Colorful square-shaped tropical aquarium in Murano glass. The glowing colors make it a perfect decorative item. Great gift idea made in Italy!

Round-shaped crystal aquarium Tropical red and black fishes Round-shaped crystal aquarium
Limited special offer
$ 857.85 $ 903.00
Charming multicolor aquarium in Murano glass. A decorative object that suits perfectly every design. Great gift idea for whoever loves to collect artistic items!
Multicolor marine scenario Murano luxury gift idea Multicolor marine scenario
Limited special offer
$ 2,109.00 $ 2,220.00
Multicolored decorative aquarium in Murano glass with many marine figures in it. This handmade artwork will be able to give a touch of vivacity to your design!
Round-shaped multicolor aquarium Blue and crystal aquarium Round-shaped multicolor aquarium
Limited special offer
$ 1,664.40 $ 1,752.00
Elegant marine-themed Murano glass sphere of a seabed. Take inspiration looking through this magnificent handmade glass piece!
Made in Italy aquarium Multicolor tropical fishes Made in Italy aquarium
Limited special offer
$ 1,675.80 $ 1,764.00
Valuable handmade decorative sculpture in Murano glass, in which are plugged four tropical multicolor fishes. It is a great handcrafted gift idea made in Italy!
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