Murano glass sculptures

Delightful Sculptures hand-made in Murano glass by glass masters!

As many people know, Murano is famous for its beautiful glass-made products, coveted all over the world. One of the latest creations are Murano glass sculptures, which come in different kinds of design. All of these design artworks are rigorously handcrafted by the incredible artisans present in Murano for generations.

As we mentioned earlier, the main categories of Murano glass sculptures include Picasso heads, lovers, animals, abstract figures, marine figures, human figures and glass clown figures.

Picasso heads are representations of human faces inspired by the style of the famous painter Pablo Picasso. The results combine a new modern and colorful design with elegance.

The “lovers” category includes figures of a couple of lovers embracing each other. This kind of sculptures result as a perfect home décor and a meaningful gift idea for your loved ones.

Talking about animals, this category varies from the elegant and classic glass-made horse to the modern and colorful bird. However, any of these sculptures perfectly suits any type of decor design with its elegance and style.

Another figure section involves abstract sculptures. This range goes from knots and ribbons to heads and hands in all shapes and colors. These figures are perfect if you want a modern design with a touch of elegance that never fails to enrich your home.

Further, the marine sculptures section contains all those artwork figures representing the marine world, like boats, gondolas, fish. These sculptures are a great gift idea for sea loving persons, but also a beautiful décor for your home with their colorful tones.

The human figures category includes all those elegant and fascinating full body human sculptures. They come in all shapes and colors, from highly elaborated designs to more minimalist ones. These figures are perfect for a classic décor style with a touch of originality.

Finally, the glass clown figures. These sculptures are excellent if you want to brighten up your home. With their amazing colorful design, glass clown figures will surely be the first thing your guests notice as they enter your home.


Nowadays many of these sculptures are in chalcedony glass that makes them perfect to decorate any room of your house. To obtain this kind of glass, the artisans mix different metals of different colors together. This creates a new type of glass that appears to contain precious stones in it. Its luxury appearance, indeed, makes the sculptures suitable for any home design, whether you prefer a modern or classic one.  

Another very important technique for sculptures is blowing glass. Its name comes from the way artisans model the glass by blowing inside a long barrel, called blowpipe. Blown glass sculptures are an ideal home décor to place on the shelf of your living room, at the entrance hall or even on the coffee table.

Murano glass sculptures are excellent not only as a decorative solution, but also as a gift idea that will surely be appreciated thanks to its originality and beauty.

What are you waiting for? Buy now our magnificent Murano glass sculptures. Here following some samples.

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