Discovering Murano Glass Mirrors

Discover the History of Venice Glassmaking Tradition with our Mirrors!

Mirrors have always been considered a symbol of life and regeneration in Egypt’s history since the 1st century BC, thanks to their exceptional beauty and shape, thought to have a direct relationship with the gods. Objects of exceptional worth and refinement are given special attention even before they are finished, for example, their handles are shaped like deities, papyrus plants, or female figures.

Different civilizations attempted to replicate them, including the Romans, Germans, and Lorraine residents. However, only the city of Venice managed to even surpass Egypt’s glassmaking tradition.

Venice's artisan culture dates back centuries and is largely influenced by the city's unique geographic location. Thanks to the latter, the Republic of Venice was able to promote sea commerce, allowing its bases to grow into a major economic hub. It functioned as a link between the West, the eastern Mediterranean, and Africa, gaining enormous political and cultural significance. Venice, a city that was ruled by the Byzantine Empire managed to draw artisans from Syria and Egypt who highly contributed to the development of the city’s famous Glassmaking tradition, gaining the title of "Glass Capital of the World".

Our Glass Mirrors inherited the ancient art of Venetian Glass Making in Murano and brought it to its pinnacle of expression. Using only pure silver, the accuracy of hand-finished engravings and grindings, the brilliant array of colors, and the meticulous final assembly make our products unique masterpieces as seen in our CERCHI GOLD and TREVISAN. As protagonists of Murano Glassmaking History, our Handcrafts portray their imagination and ideas into a craft extremely influenced by the Isle of Murano landscape. Clouds and every colored façade reflected on the lagoon’s waters are the living material which inspires their creations at its most fundamental, as seen in our SERENELLA and ROSALBA, mirrors able to make you feel completely immersed in the Venetian Scenery.

Explore the beauty of Made in Italy through our unique Murano Glass Mirrors created for you in one of the first glassmaking furnaces of Murano. Here following some samples.

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