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Venice, also known as the Floating City or La Serenissima, exudes a sense of mystery and romance unlike any other city in Europe or the world. For ages, the world has admired Venice's astonishing beauty, which extends to the city's most famous art form: Glassmaking. The Venetian Island of Murano, otherwise known as the "Isle of Glass," became the heart of glassmaking in the 15th century and the reputed home of many Venetian mirrors.

Even today, Venetian Masters follow the secular tradition and give birth to stupendous Mirrors which continue to transmit everlasting luxury and status. On the Isle of Murano visitors can go to the glass factories and see live glass blowing performances that capture this art and its broad spectacular history.

Mirrors are common features in every home, however, a Murano Glass Mirror is certainly going to bring a completely renovated atmosphere with its unrivaled beauty and distinctiveness in typical Venetian Style.

Find the greatest selection of Murano glass mirrors for sale online right here! As scrolling throughout our site, we display a magnificent assortment of items, from round mirrors such as SOLE and LUNA to rectangular mirrors such as SAN MARCO and MARISA, they are all handcrafted in the Isle of Murano following the traditional Venetian manner.

We are sure, that once you see yourself the delicate features and craftsmanship that distinguish our mirrors, the seductive attraction of their beauty will be virtually difficult to resist.

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Elegant handmade mirror in Murano glass Classic venetian mirror Elegant handmade mirror in Murano glass
$5,808.00 (tax incl.)
Traditional Murano glass mirror realized with golden floral decorations realized by hand. This creation will certainly make your home unique!
Murano glass mirror Venetian style mirror Murano glass mirror
$4,144.80 (tax incl.)
Murano glass golden mirror, entirely hand crafted and with engraved details. The traditional, squared, Venetian style of this mirror is perfect to add elegance and luxury to all homes. Imagine this masterpiece in you...
Classic rectangular mirror in gold Wall mirror in venetian style Classic rectangular mirror in gold
$5,924.16 (tax incl.)
Rectangular Murano glass decorative mirror featuring golden glass decorations on the frame. A true masterpiece, capable of making any room unique.
Luxury mirror in Murano glass Elegant decorative wall mirror Luxury mirror in Murano glass
$10,181.16 (tax incl.)
Elegant Murano glass mirror with brown glass decorations of the sides. This traditional creation will perfectly complete any room of your house!
Wall mirror in Murano glass Elegant item of interior design Wall mirror in Murano glass
$4,135.56 (tax incl.)
Elegant Murano glass mirror with gold-tone and purple floral embellishments and hand-engraved decorations. Its vibrant colors, together with its asymmetric style, make this art creation a charming decorative creation...
Luxury golden wall mirror Decoration for living room Luxury golden wall mirror
$31,779.00 (tax incl.)
Murano glass mirror decorated with golden hand-engraved details. This creation is the perfect decoration to complete any home space with uniqueness.
Luxury mirror in venetian style Decorative mirror for interior design Luxury mirror in venetian style
$37,950.00 (tax incl.)
Elegant Murano glass rectangular mirror with hand-engraved bronze decorations. Imagine this masterpiece as the focal point of your favourite room!
Classic silver mirror Living room decorative mirror Classic silver mirror
$5,062.20 (tax incl.)
Silver Murano glass mirror with a classic octagonal shape and hand-engraved details. The perfect luxurious decoration to make your living room special!
Rectangular silver mirror Decorative article for interior design Rectangular silver mirror
$27,152.40 (tax incl.)
Stunning Murano glass mirror in a silver shade of color featuring hand-engraved decorations. This artwork can be a timeless and classic creation for your home.


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