Murano glass mirrors

Stunning Murano glass mirrors hand-crafted by glass masters!

Ever thought of waking up in the morning and passing by this wonderful, stunning, and luxurious mirror and seeing yourself reflected in it? What's better than looking at yourself in a majestic mirror - like one of our Murano glass mirrors?

From the smallest to the largest one, modern to classic, most colorful to the most elegant. Fall in love with our magnificent glass mirrors. Ideal to give your home décor an unmistakable touch of Murano's authentic elegance and refinement.

Round, square, rectangular, oval, and many other shapes are available! Do you prefer a simple design? Check our charming RIGADIN or our fascinating ADONE! Thus, if you prefer more elegant and highly detailed mirrors, BUCINTORO and DUCALE, just to name a few, are what you need! However, if you think a more modern design would best suit your home décor, here are LUNASTORTI CO L'ORO and QUADRATI perfect to embellish your space! Likewise, if what you need is the typical Venetian glass mirror of the ancient tradition, SAN MARCO, CA' MANZONI, CA' VENDRAMIN and many more are ready to be part of your home décor with their classic design and timeless elegance!

Not only that! Whether you go for a colorful or plain colored mirror, you will surely not get tired of it! Indeed, our colorful mirrors, like SERENELLA, TREVISAN or ROSALBA will bring a cheerful atmosphere to your house! On the other hand, our silver, bronze or gold glass mirrors, like RENOIR, CASABLANCA and RABAT will donate your home a luxurious and chic look.

What are you waiting for? Buy now our magnificent Murano glass mirrors! Here following some samples.

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Murano glass mirror Decorative mirror in Murano glass Murano glass mirror
$4,527.60 (tax incl.)
Venetian-style Murano glass mirror, in a rectangular shape. Entirely hand-crafted by master glassmakers using authentic techniques, the artwork features hand-engraved curls, flowers and leaves adorning the sides. This...
Elegant handmade mirror in Murano glass Classic venetian mirror Elegant handmade mirror in Murano glass
$5,808.00 (tax incl.)
Traditional Murano glass mirror realized with golden floral decorations realized by hand. This creation will certainly make your home unique!
Murano glass mirror Decorative precious colored gems Murano glass mirror
$14,586.00 (tax incl.)
Venetian-style Murano glass rectangular mirror with colorful floral decorations. This creation can truly make any room of your house special and unique.
Murano glass mirror Living room mirror decoration Murano glass mirror
$4,329.60 (tax incl.)
Rectangular Venetian-style Murano glass mirror, entirely handmade with hand-engraved decorations. A handcrafted and unique product for your home decor.
Murano glass mirror Venetian classic mirror Murano glass mirror
$6,850.80 (tax incl.)
Murano glass mirror, entirely hand-crafted by the master glassmaker. This luxurious rectangular golden mirror features hand-engraved ornamental incisions, making it a true timeless masterpiece for your home. It would...
Rectangular silver mirror Decorative mirror for living room Rectangular silver mirror
$5,709.00 (tax incl.)
Elegant Murano glass mirror with a rectangular shape and hand-engraved silver decorations. Imagine it as the focal point of your favourite room!
Elegant silver mirror Decorative mirror in venetian glass Elegant silver mirror
$27,152.40 (tax incl.)
Classic Murano glass mirror silver decorated and hand-engraved details. The perfect luxurious decoration to showcase in your home.
Modern multicolored wall mirror Decorative mirror for living room Modern multicolored wall mirror
$12,804.00 (tax incl.)
Modern Murano glass rectangular mirror, entirely hand-crafted with colorful circles glass details. A truly unique creation for your favorite room!
Modern mirror in Murano glass Decorative articolo for interior design Modern mirror in Murano glass
$5,398.80 (tax incl.)
Rectangular Murano glass mirror with lilac, orange and brown squares on the frame. This artwork will certainly make any room of your house special.
Wall mirror irregularly shaped Handmade decorations in venetian style Wall mirror irregularly shaped
$4,135.56 (tax incl.)
Elegant Murano glass mirror with gold leaf floral embellishments and hand-engraved decorations. Its vibrant color, together with its asymmetric, Venetian style, makes this art creation a charming decorative piece to...


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