Luxury Aquariums in Murano Blown Glass

Murano Glass Aquariums: Dive into this Work of Art

The stillness of glass has been defied by our most amazingly skilled Glass Masters in order to give us the possibility to dive into the tradition of Murano Glass Art. How amazing to have a real piece of the Venice Lagoon itself in your home!

The process to create such Aquariums Sculptings is one of the most famous ones in Italy, that has also reached worldwide fame, is the blowing glass handcrafting process. The wonderful creation process is the following: in a furnace, glass masters melt the clear glass. The latter is then held inside a crucible where the glassblower, through the expert breath, creates the work.

Your home décor will surely change its spark and will make you show off your amazing style, to any of your guests. Not to mention the marvelous shapes and nuances, the colors will brighten up the atmosphere and will make your homely environment shine!

Our collection in general, but especially when talking about Aquariums, shows how much Venice is interconnected with its wildlife and nature. The city is extremely linked to this kind of environment, it blooms and grows through high tides and the shining sun of the Lagoon. One of the reasons why we consider the Aquariums part of Venice itself.

Don’t wait any longer to become part of this amazing world!

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