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Treat yourself with one of these elegant decorative mirrors in artistic Murano glass. They can serve as decorative objects to enlighten your home environment by reflecting the natural light of the surrounding environment. But they have also a functional purpose, they can let you reflect your image and make sure to be always stylish and beautiful. Flatter the Narcissus that is within you with one of these incredible mirrors and decorate your room with the elegance and style of Murano glass mirrors!

Murano glass mirror Venetian classic mirror Murano glass mirror
$ 6,228.00
Murano glass mirror, entirely hand-crafted by the master glassmaker. This luxurious rectangular golden mirror features hand-engraved ornamental incisions, making it a true timeless masterpiece for your home. It would...
Murano glass mirror Venetian classic modern mirror Murano glass mirror
$ 3,630.00
French-style Murano glass mirror, entirely handmade and engraved with floral details. This is a unique creation capable to complete any home decor solution.
Murano glass mirror Table decorative mirror Murano glass mirror
$ 522.00
Classic Murano glass table mirror featuring hand-made pink floral details on the gold frame. This creation is a precious gift idea for important occasions.
Classic silver mirror Living room decorative mirror Classic silver mirror
$ 4,602.00
Silver Murano glass mirror with a classic octagonal shape and hand-engraved details. The perfect luxurious decoration to make your living room special!
Rectangular silver mirror Decorative article for interior design Rectangular silver mirror
$ 24,684.00
Stunning Murano glass mirror in a silver shade of color featuring hand-engraved decorations. This artwork can be a timeless and classic creation for your home.
Modern multicolored wall mirror Decorative mirror for living room Modern multicolored wall mirror
$ 11,640.00
Modern Murano glass rectangular mirror, entirely hand-crafted with colorful circles glass details. A truly unique creation for your favorite room!
Decorative wall mirror Living room multicolored mirror Decorative wall mirror
$ 5,472.00
Murano glass round mirror, realized featuring red and blue glass circles decoration. This is the perfect creation to decorate with style your living room!
Modern wall mirror in Murano glass Decorative mirror in black and gold Modern wall mirror in Murano glass
$ 10,662.00
Murano glass modern rectangular mirror, realized with golden circles decorations. The perfect handcrafted creation for exclusive home decor solutions!
Modern mirror in Murano glass Decorative articolo for interior design Modern mirror in Murano glass
$ 4,908.00
Rectangular Murano glass mirror with lilac, orange and brown squares on the frame. This artwork will certainly make any room of your house special.
Wall mirror oval-shaped in silver Decorative mirror for home decor Wall mirror oval-shaped in silver
$ 11,220.00
Murano glass decorative oval mirror featuring hand-engraved dark grey decorations. The perfect artwork to complete with originality any home decor solution.
Classic rectangular mirror in gold Wall mirror in venetian style Classic rectangular mirror in gold
$ 5,385.60
Rectangular Murano glass decorative mirror featuring golden glass decorations on the frame. A true masterpiece, capable of making any room unique.
Luxury mirror in Murano glass Elegant decorative wall mirror Luxury mirror in Murano glass
$ 9,255.60
Elegant Murano glass mirror with brown glass decorations of the sides. This traditional creation will perfectly complete any room of your house!
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