Are you looking for something that will make the décor of your bedroom, your living room or any other room of the house absolutely original? Here we have something for you. Discover this selection of hand-blown Murano glass unique pieces and make your home décor absolutely unique.

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  • 1 800,00 € In Stock
    If you will experience firsthand this Murano glass elephant sculpture will definitely be love at first sight! A wonderful addition to your home decor as well as a gift idea for your dearest!
  • 3 100,00 € In Stock
    Murano Glass leopard sculpture enriched with gold leaves details. An impressive handmade animal figure for your home decor!
  • 2 900,00 € In Stock
    Murano Glass tiger sculpture entirely handmade by Murano glass master. Every detail is not being to chance: the final result is this impressive animal statue!
  • 1 740,00 €
    This one of a kind Murano Glass artwork represents a majestic bull sculpture enriched with pure gold leaves details. Imagine this unique animal sculpture in your living room!
  • 2 250,00 € In Stock
    Enchanting Murano glass pair blue and crystal colored handmade by glass master. These fabulous Murano sculptures will be the ideal gift for a special occasion!
  • 1 950,00 €
    A Murano glass sculpture representing two Valzer's dancers enriched with silver leaves details. Imagine this handmade sculpture in your favorite room!
  • 1 350,00 € In Stock
    Sweet Murano Glass hugging sculpture to symbol the real love between man and women. Entirely handmade by our Murano glass master, it will be a special gift for your dearest!
  • 5 700,00 € In Stock
    Dynamic Murano glass sculpture of dancers on a black base. A true handmade masterpiece to add a touch of originality to your home interior!
  • 2 560,00 € In Stock
    Thanks to Murano Glass this falcon sculpture will come to life in your home decor! A unique handmade creation ideal for a special gift occasion!
  • 2 650,00 € In Stock
    Colorful fish sculpture on a crystal base entirely handmade by Murano Glass master. One of a kind piece that could be the focal point of any home decor solution!
  • 3 800,00 € In Stock
    Murano glass toucan sculpture on a crystal branch. One of a kind Murano masterpiece for your home decor!
  • 2 150,00 € In Stock
    Elegant Murano glass statue of a brown owl on a crystal branch. A breathtaking artwork that will amaze your guest at first sight!
  • 675,00 € In Stock
    Iridescent oval Murano sculpture shaped with chalcedony glass. This decorative artwork can be the perfect solution for your home decor. 
  • 1 750,00 € In Stock
    Power and elegance are enclosed in this rhinoceros Murano Glass sculpture. Make yours this unique piece of Italian craftmanship to make it the focal point of your home decor!
  • 2 400,00 € In Stock
    Words are not enough to describe this Murano Glass polar bear sculpture. One of a kind masterpiece at your fingerprints!
  • 2 700,00 € In Stock
    Wonderful clear abstract sculpture with green and yellow shades of colors. This valuable handmade creation can be the flagship for any home decor solution. 
  • 1 350,00 € In Stock
    Special Murano glass sculpture of hippopotamus purple colored. A precious gift solution for any animal's lovers and a kind idea for any home decor. 
  • 780,00 € In Stock
    Amazing Murano glass penguin sculpture realized in blue shades with yellow and black details. The ideal solution to enrich any kind of home decor.
  • 780,00 € In Stock
    Beautiful penguin sculpture made of Murano glass. A true piece of art which could be a wonderful gift idea for all of the marine sculpture lovers!
  • 930,00 €
    Wonderful silver and clear Murano glass artwork. This expertly forged horse head sculpture will make your house even more special.
  • 990,00 € In Stock
    Wonderful Murano glass frog sculpture created with a pure gold leaf. This luxury sculpture can be the ideal gift solution for any animal's lovers.
  • 945,00 €
    Clear Murano glass turtle sculpture enriched with iridescent color effect. This handmade artwork can give a touch of elegance to any kind of home decor. 
  • 830,00 €
    A luxury handcrafted turtle made of Murano glass. This unique sculpture can give a touch of elegance to any kind of home decor.
  • 920,00 €
    Murano glass ray fish sculpture in dark blue and gold leaf decoration. This luxury decor solution will amaze for its elegance and refine! 
  • 950,00 € In Stock
    Red decorative goblet entirely made in red glass. This unique piece is a timeless item perfect for your house.
  • 400,00 € In Stock
    Blue glass goblet with fine decorations. Entirely handmade by our glass masters this unique piece is the perfect addition to every home.
  • 500,00 € In Stock
    Green glass vase entirely handmade by our glass masters following the Venetian tradition. Place this unique item in your house to add Italian flavor.
  • 750,00 € In Stock
    Classic Murano violet vase with blue circle decorations. This wonderful handmade creation can be a valuable and successful gift idea.
  • Elegant classic Murano vase with a round-shaped edge. This handmade creation can give a touch of elegance and color to any home space.
  • 720,00 € In Stock
    Murano glass squared centerpiece yellow-colored with bubble-shape details. This handmade creation can be a valuable solution for a special gift!
  • 840,00 € In Stock
    Charming amber and clear Murano glass bowl. This wonderful handmade creation can give elegance and style to any home space. 
  • 450,00 € In Stock
    Enchanting violet bowl for home decor made of Murano glass. Its modern design can be a valuable gift solution for a special occasion!
  • 540,00 € In Stock
    A Murano glass bowl with elegant flower-shape. Its green and clear shades make it a valuable home decor solution for any home space you want.
  • 720,00 € In Stock
    Elongated Murano glass vase gold colored with blue detail on the top. This handmade artwork can give elegance to any home space.
  • 720,00 € In Stock
    Classic decorative plate made of Murano Glass, in yellow color and bubbles detailing. Lovely creation to add a touch of color to any table setting!
  • 450,00 € In Stock
    Amazing decorative bowl made of Murano glass in clear and pink color. Its modern design makes it a valuable home decor solution for any room in your home!
  • 1 020,00 €
    Blue and clear Murano glass frog sculpture, a luxury animal sculpture, perfect to add a touch of elegance to any home space you want. 
  • 1 040,00 €
    Fine Murano glass sculpture which represents lovers' hug in blue and clear shade color. A wonderful gift solution for everyone who cares about you.
  • 1 320,00 €
    Blue Murano glass unicorn sculpture with golden details. This amazing decorative artwork can enrich any home space with elegance.
  • 990,00 €
    This splendid representation of timeless five amazing birds with their outstretched translucent wings lean close to each other on a delicate tree branch adorned with exquisite cherry blossoms.
  • 2 300,00 €
    Amazing white swan with dark red beak and black detail. This Murano Glass creation can be a wonderful gift idea as well as a valuable home decor solution.

  • 1 090,00 €
    Colorful Murano glass sculpture, handmade by glass master with chalcedony shades: an amazing addition to your living space. Imagine it in your favorite room!
  • 540,00 €
    Enchanting clear Murano glass vase with a particular edge. A Murano glass vase that can give a touch of elegance to any home space.
  • 540,00 €
    Elongated red vase with a flower-shaped edge. A Murano glass creation that gives elegance to any home space decoration of your home. Imagine it in your living room!
  • Colorful star-shaped Murano glass bowl completely handmade by glass master. This luxury creation can be a valuable gift solution for a special occasion.
  • 740,00 €
    Wonderful Murano glass vase with a silver leaf and a black details on the top. Its tall shape can complete your outfit with elegance and graceful.
  • Traditional black and gold classic vase from Murano tradition. Enchanting handmade creation, try to figure it in your favorite room!
  • Round flower-shaped Murano glass bowl with murrine and black stripes details. This handmade creation can be the right decor solution for any home space.
  • 1 080,00 € In Stock
    Shining Murano glass bowl with an elegant flower shape. This modern luxury artwork can be the right home decor solution for any room.
  • 420,00 € In Stock
    Murano glass decorative sculpture of a blue scorpion. This unique artwork is perfect to complete your Halloween home decor with an original creation!
  • Wonderful Murano glass sculpture representing an orange scorpion. This elegant artwork is perfect to make your Halloween home decor even spookier!
  • 600,00 €
    Red glass vase entirely handmade by our glass masters. This unique piece fits perfectly every room of your house.
  • 2 100,00 € In Stock
    Murano glass sculpture representing a cute bulldog. This decorative statue could be the ideal solution to embellish your house in an absolutely original way!
  • 2 050,00 € In Stock
    Beautiful Murano glass dachshund sculpture in crystal and blue colors. The vividness of this object makes it an ideal decoration for your favorite home's space!
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1 - Blown glass is an inert material and for this reason it is used for many medical and food containers.
2 - All of our Murano creations are cleaned before packing with professional cleaners and alcohol 62/71% which inactivate COVID19 within a minute (National Institutes of Health - USA).
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