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Red NINA Murano glass decorative carafe for water or wine

Red glass traditional carafe with white glass handle. The ideal blown venetian carafe for your parties with friends.

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Amazing traditional wine and water glass pitcher in a red color. The venetian carafe handle is white glass, to give a contrast in colors.

This Murano glass pitcher is suitable for any occasion or as a gift for a special occasion; it will amaze your recipient and their guests.

Each piece results slightly different from the previous: the beauty of this creation is precisely in its uniqueness, in the master glassmaker's artistic energy, a moment frozen in glass.

Also, this amazing blown glass carafe is the perfect choice for your everyday life. Thanks to their resistant glass, you can use them daily for your family dinners or fancy dinners with your guests. The are nice to the touch, lightweight but made of solid and long lasting substance.

They are created by Murano artisans through the hardworking process of glass blowing. The Master sets up the work and coordinates his “serventi“ which help him in the preparation of the piece using incandescent furnaces: first they draw their desired object on some papers hanging close to the furnaces then, once the glass is at the right temperature, the glassmakers shape quickly the material to obtain their glass artwork.

Whether you already visited Venice or not, having this piece of art in your house will allow you to live the “Venetian Dream“. By bringing into your house this authentic glass carafe, which is entirely made in the heart of Venice, you can decor your house with an Italian lifestyle point of view, combining beauty and simplicity.

This product, like all products on YourMurano is handmade blown by some of the most Famous Murano island glassmakers and it represents the emblem of this beautiful Island.

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