Murano Glassware – 7 Good reasons to choose it

Bring Murano Glass Tradition to Your Table

Choosing glassware is difficult. It really is: there are so many designs, shapes, colors! But choosing italian and particularly Murano glassware really represents a very good option. Here's why!

1.The Colors of Venice's Traditional Glassware

Color certainly is one of the most important characteristic we should keep in mind when buying our glassware. It has to match our tastes and, possibly, the design of the room!

From clear crystal to multicolor glasses: this made in Murano glassware is available in many different colors and textures. This allows us to choose the one that fits us and our dining room the best!

2.Shapes of Original Murano Glassware

Elongated flutes, round tumblers, hexagonal glasses: Venetian sets of glasswares come in every shape and size, being suitable for all kind of preferences, designs and purposes.

Obviously, when choosing our glassware, shape is something we really care about. For instance, it can affect not only the appearance of our glasses, but also the way we drink. That's why we should choose both beautiful and comfortable glasses and, the variety of shapes of italian glass tumblers and flutes made in Murano, makes this possible.

3.Uniqueness and Authentic Italian Glassware

Another thing we usually keep in mind when buying our glassware is, undeniably, originality. We want our glasses to be special and unique, and Murano glassware really is irreplaceable in this aspect.

4.Many purposes of Made in Murano Glassware

The purposes of glasses made in the island of Murano, are various and different from each other: there are not only wine flutes and water glasses, but also beautiful Murano glass carafes.

5.Design and Blown Original Glassware

The variety of different designs is one of the other positive aspects of Venetian glasswares: it allows us to match our dining room's style and, certainly, our tastes!

6.The Personal Touch in Venetian Glasswares

Even though the techniques used are often similar, each glass-master adds his own, personal, unique touch to glasswares, making these hand blown glass objects even more special.

7.Murano Glassware is Art

Last but not least, the artistic value and the passion put into the creation of these authentic Venetian glasswares is what really distinguish them and makes them one of the best option for glassware.

What are you waiting for? Buy now our magnificent Murano glass. Here following some samples.

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