Murano glass products

The many types of Murano glass products

When we talk about Murano glass we need to specify all the different kinds of products that Murano glassmakers create. Vases, centerpieces, glassware, sculptures, mirrors and much more.

Let's start with vases. This kind of Murano glass products come in many different colors, sizes, models and with different techniques. The biggest difference is between modern and classic vases, but we also need to distinguish all the various shapes. For example, the amphora style, the handkerchiefone, drop-tear vase, bottle shape. If you want know more about Murano glass vases go check this article.

Then, centerpieces can be divided into different categories. Firstly, decorative bowls. Secondly, decorative plates. Thirdly, decorative eggs. Whether you’re looking for an elegant or a colourful centerpiece. Whether you want to put it on a shelf or a table. Classic or modern style. We have any design you need. Check our centerpieces article to understand better this type of home decor!

Moreover, Murano glass products also include glassware. They come as glass tumblers, drinking glasses and glass carafes. The first category is perfect if you love bright colors and modern, irregular shapes. They are also famous as Venetian “goti di fornace”. These glasses represent an important part of Murano artisans' tradition. If you want to impress your guests, our drinking glasses or "bicchieri" are what you are looking for! Available in different colors and styles, from elegant flutes to modern glasses they are perfect to brighten up your table! Likewise, if you want to refresh your dining room's style, our carafes are perfect to pair with a set of glasses or dishes. Learn more about our glassware here!

To follow, Murano glassmakers propose you a wide range of sculptures. Picasso heads, animals, human, marine, clowns and abstract figures. Everything you need to give your home an original touch. From the most colorful glass artworks to clear glass ones. If you want to have a clearer insight about our sculptures, you can read this article!

If you want to embellish your home decor with a more classic design, goblets are what you are looking for. They can be just decorative or luxury or even medieval. Among all the reations that are part of Murano glass tradition, goblets are maybe the most famous and elegant. Give a look at our goblets article to get to know them better!

Ever thought of looking at your own reflection in a beautiful Murano glass mirror? Imagine having one of these mirrors on your home wall. Whether it's in your room or in the living room, Murano glass mirrors are stunning ornaments for your interior design. Their frames comes from centuries of Venetian traditions. Small or big, there are plenty of dimensions that adapt to your needs. Get ready to look at yourself in these stunning mirrors!

Certainly, we need to include in this article also the beautiful jewelry that our Murano glassmakers create. Necklaces and bracelets. You need to make a gift? Why not choose these fancy products? The lucky recipient will be overwhelmed with joy! Read our jewelry article and choose your favourite!

Lastly, there is one more category of Murano glass products that consists of more decoration ideas. For instance, picture frames, Venetian glass masks, balloons, lamps, candle holders and even Halloween decors! Check them here.

What are you waiting for? Buy now our magnificent Murano glass. Here following some samples.

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Murano blown glass vase aquamarine Murano glass vase Murano blown glass vase
$527.25 (tax incl.) $555.00
Tall Murano glass vase, with a turquoise elongated shape and green details. Realized with the "glass blowing" technique, this modern, hand-crafted creation is a true luxurious artwork, capable of making any room...

Murano glass amphora vase classic handmade design vase Murano glass amphora vase
$677.16 (tax incl.) $752.40
Give a touch of classic to your home decor with this Murano glass amphora shape vase with blue details. Imagine this value creation in your room!
Grey vase murano modern Vase design venice glass Grey vase murano modern
$1,478.40 (tax incl.)
Elongated “sommerso” glass modern vase. A Murano glass vase that completes any home space decoration of your home. Imagine it in your favorite room!

STILLA red modern decorative vase red modern tall vase STILLA red modern decorative vase
$677.16 (tax incl.) $712.80
Murano glass decorative vase, entirely realized by hand in a red color. The elongated and thin shape of this artwork makes it a unique creation to complete any home decor solution with originality and a touch of...
modern multicolored glass vase modern glass vase sinuous design modern multicolored glass vase
$1,650.00 (tax incl.)
A modern multicolored Murano glass vase, a bright colorful vortex that will become the focal point of your living room and enliven the surrounding environment with its play of lights and colors!
Murano sculpture couple of lovers in black glass human figure sculpture on square base of modern design Murano sculpture couple of lovers in black glass
$1,306.80 (tax incl.) $1,452.00
Magnificent Murano glass sculpture of two lovers sharing a passionate embrace. This color version is a perfect gift idea for a special event or for your home.

Murano glass blue fish sculpture modern design animal sculpture for living room decoration Murano glass blue fish sculpture
$190.00 (tax incl.) $200.00
Murano glass sculpture representing a puffer fish decorated with multicolor murrine and blue detailing. Entirely hand-crafted by expert glassmakers, this artwork is a colorful decorative piece to add exclusivity and...


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