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If you are a little bit vain and you like to look after your outside look, a mirror is a fundamental item that cannot miss inside your home. Have a look at our series of mirrors enriched by the precious details created by handmade Murano glass. Treat yourself with one of our one-of-a-kind glass mirrors, it will add a touch of light to any of your rooms. Don’t be shy and show yourself in one of these mirrors, it will certainly make your natural beauty stand out!

Murano glass mirror Venetian table mirror Murano glass mirror
£ 351.58
Oval Venetian-style Murano glass mirror, entirely handmade, edged with curl decoration and Murano glass flowers, authentic work of Murano master glass makers, unique piece by shape and decoration to be used as a...
Murano glass mirror Venetian decor mirror Murano glass mirror
£ 3,867.34
Elegant Murano glass mirror sconce, realized with gold flower incisions entirely handmade. The perfect creation to decorate any home space with originality.
Handcrafted Murano glass mirror Handcrafted Murano glass mirror
£ 1,982.01
Classic Murano glass oval mirror, decorated with hand-made golden flower decorations. A unique creation, perfect to make any room special and unique.
Murano glass mirror Decorative mirror in Murano glass Murano glass mirror
£ 3,014.76
Venetian-style Murano glass mirror, in a rectangular shape. Entirely hand-crafted by master glassmakers using authentic techniques, the artwork features hand-engraved curls, flowers and leaves adorning the sides. This...
Elegant handmade mirror in Murano glass Classic venetian mirror Elegant handmade mirror in Murano glass
£ 3,867.34
Traditional Murano glass mirror realized with golden floral decorations realized by hand. This creation will certainly make your home unique!
Murano glass mirror Decorative precious colored gems Murano glass mirror
£ 9,712.29
Venetian-style Murano glass rectangular mirror with colorful floral decorations. This creation can truly make any room of your house special and unique.
Murano glass mirror Venetian style mirror Murano glass mirror
£ 2,759.87
Murano glass golden mirror, entirely hand crafted and with engraved details. The traditional, squared, Venetian style of this mirror is perfect to add elegance and luxury to all homes. Imagine this masterpiece in you...
Murano glass mirror Living room mirror decoration Murano glass mirror
£ 2,882.92
Rectangular Venetian-style Murano glass mirror, entirely handmade with hand-engraved decorations. A handcrafted and unique product for your home decor.
Murano glass mirror Venetian classic mirror Murano glass mirror
£ 4,561.70
Murano glass mirror, entirely hand-crafted by the master glassmaker. This luxurious rectangular golden mirror features hand-engraved ornamental incisions, making it a true timeless masterpiece for your home. It would...
Murano glass mirror Venetian classic modern mirror Murano glass mirror
£ 2,658.79
French-style Murano glass mirror, entirely handmade and engraved with floral details. This is a unique creation capable to complete any home decor solution.
Murano glass mirror Table decorative mirror Murano glass mirror
£ 382.34
Classic Murano glass table mirror featuring hand-made pink floral details on the gold frame. This creation is a precious gift idea for important occasions.
Rectangular silver mirror Decorative mirror for living room Rectangular silver mirror
£ 3,801.42
Elegant Murano glass mirror with a rectangular shape and hand-engraved silver decorations. Imagine it as the focal point of your favourite room!
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