Murano glass masks

Murano glass masks will bring the Venetian Carnival to you!

The faithful reproductions in Murano glass of the most famous masks of the Venetian tradition. presents its collection of Murano glass masks, faithful reproductions of the typical masks of the Venetian Carnival tradition. They are now also available online on the YourMurano website. Authorized by the Promovetro consortium, it exclusively sells products certified by the Italian law through the Trademark of Origin “Vetro Artistico® Murano”.

It is a collection of two types of masks. Both characterized by a multicolored glass rod processing, produced by the Ragazzi & C. furnace of Murano.


It seems that the first edition of the Carnival was in 1094. It allowed people to have an uninterrupted period of entertainment in the city. Through the anonymity guaranteed by covered faces and costumes, all social divisions had the same level. This mask is part of the classical tradition, identified with the name of "Moretta". This was mainly worn by women and it was made of dark velvet, accompanied with a delicate hat and refined clothing. The Moretta was a mute disguise. Since the mask had to be held on the face holding an internal button in the mouth, it was also called "served muta". The mask rests on a support with a height of 29.5 cm and a base with a diameter of approx. 12 cm. This is the large version. However, you can also find it in a beautiful collectible miniature.


This Murano glass mask, made up of a series of polychrome reeds, reproduces a bauta, one of the typical masks of the classic Venetian tradition. This was one of the disguises, used by both men and women, most common in the ancient Carnival, especially from the 18th century. However, it remained in fashion and is also worn in modern times. The bauta, usually a white mask, accompanied by a black tricorn and a dark cloak called a tabarro, was also used in galant encounters and whenever the freedom to woo or be courted was desired, mutually guaranteeing total anonymity. Its particular shape could also alter people’s voice and, at the same time, it allowed to eat and drink in total freedom. The mask rests on a 13 cm tall support with a base diameter of approx. 6 cm. It exists in miniature, medium or large versions.

In conclusion, whether you want to prepare a special gift for someone or whether you want to embellish your living room, these masks will fit your needs. You can have one or, why not, you can also collect them as a funny and colofrul home decor.

What are you waiting for? Buy now our magnificent Murano glass masks. Here following some samples.

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Murano glass Venetian mask featuring multicolor glass canes, on a stand. Available in 3 different sizes and many colours. Perfect gift idea and ideal item to decorate, for example, your living room bookshelf.


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