COLOMBINA multicolor venetian mask

Murano glass decorative Venetian mask featuring multicolor canes, on a stand. This is the ideal item to decorate and add value to any home space!


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in 2/3 weeks
14 cm / 5,51 "
19 cm / 7,48"
500 g / 1,1 lb
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This wonderful Murano glass mask with multicoloured glass canes seem to have captured the typical faces of the famous "maschere" in traditional Venetian theatre, and those of the Carnival of Venice. The first edition of the Carnival seems to date back to 1094, to allow the Venetian people a period of uninterrupted fun in the City: through the anonymity granted by costumes and face coverings, all social norms and inequalities were momentarily suspended. 

This mask has the traditional shape of the "Moretta": worn especially by women, it was most often covered in dark velvet, and accompanied by a delicate hat and refined clothing. 

The "Moretta" was a mute costume, as this mask was held onto the face by an internal button, which had to be held on to with one's mouth. This mask rests on a stand, which is 29.5cm tall (approx. 11" 2/3) and with a 12cm wide base (approx. 4" 3/4). It is also available in a splendid miniature version.

Just imagine this elegant handmade item on your bookshelf or as a design element on your entrance console: it will immediately catch your guests' attention!

Isn't it also a precious and original gift idea to surprise the recipient with? it will match perfectly with both modern and classic design.

Every day Murano artisans realize Murano glass objects. The Master sets up the work and coordinates his “serventi“ which help him in the preparation of the piece using incandescent furnaces: first they draw their desired object on some papers hanging close to the kilns then, once the glass is at the right temperature, the glassmakers shape quickly the material to obtain their glass artwork.

Whether you already visited Venice or not, having this piece of art will allow you to live the “Venetian Dream“. By having this authentic mask, which is entirely made in the heart of Venice, you can decor your home with an Italian lifestyle point of view, combining beauty and simplicity.

This product, like all products on YourMurano is handmade blown by some of the most Famous Murano island glassmakers and it represents the emblem of this beautiful Island.

Product Details

Data sheet

made to order
in 2/3 weeks
14 cm / 5,51 "
19 cm / 7,48"
500 g / 1,1 lb
Trademark Of Origin Code
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Our works can be hand engraved on the surface or decorated with gold or silver by our expert craftsman in Murano with 3 different solutions:

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Mark of Origin


Every item in YourMurano is certified by the Trademark of Origin Vetro Artistico® Murano, managed by the Consortium Promovetro which unites glass producers on the island of Murano. The trademark Vetro Artistico® Murano was set up by an Italian law (Legge n. 70 del 23/12/1994) to protect consumers and to safeguard the authenticity of this handcrafted Made in Italy product against counterfeits and imitations.

The Vetro Artistico® Murano adhesive label of origin is applied on each product. If the client decides to remove it, the label is easily lifted with no trace or residue. Its removal will, however, rupture the label to avoid any subsequent illicit use on products that are not original.

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- SHIPPING WITHIN 2/3/4 WEEKS: the item needs to be produced especially for you by master glassmakers in Murano. Up to 4 weeks may pass, in which your purchase will be created, heated to thousands of degrees and allowed to cool very slowly for days. Therefore you may have to wait a little while to receive and enjoy an extraordinary work of art in your own home.

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