Bring new light into your home environment with one of these marvelous Murano glass lamps! It will enliven any of your rooms with the elegant light that only Murano hand-blown glass is able to create. Wherever you decide to place them, these glass lamps can create breathtaking plays of lights and shadows even if you don’t turn on the light, just by reflecting the natural light of the room. Thanks to our wide variety of lamps with different colors and shapes, you can decide which one better suits your home décor and make your home stand out. Create a comfortable atmosphere and impress all your guests!

light blue and green murano lamp abatjour living room coffee table light blue and green murano lamp
€ 476.01
Classic Murano glass double light lamp, with a metal support, realized with green and blue decorations. A unique creation, perfect for your home office.
multicolor desk lamp colorful classic bedroom lamp nightshelf multicolor desk lamp colorful
€ 377.62
Elegant Murano glass flower lamp, realized with murrine details and wrought iron support. This is a unique and special creation for your home space!
red multicolor murrina lamp flower abat-jour in murano glass red multicolor murrina lamp
€ 416.38
Calla lily-shaped lamp with rainbow murrina, with wrought iron support. Elegant and colorful decoration, useful item over any desk while you are reading.
white and blue hanging lamp murano glass hanging balloon lamp white and blue hanging lamp
€ 447.19
Elegant Murano glass hanging light fixture realized in a balloon shape with blue murrine and white filigree. The perfect decoration for any home space!
colored balloon hanging lamp balloon lamp bedroom home office colored balloon hanging lamp
€ 486.94
Murano glass hanging light realized in a balloon shape with white filigree and multicolor murrine details. This is the ideal decoration for any home space!
balloon hanging lamp murano glass balloon lamp kids bedroom balloon hanging lamp murano
€ 486.94
Modern Murano glass balloon lamp featuring colorful murrine on turquoise glass. This is the ideal creation to add an original touch to any home space.
blue flowers lamp desk classic murano glass abat-jour blue flowers lamp desk
Limited special offer
€ 1,353.15 € 1,411.12
Six-light table lamp with metallic structure and blue and aqua glass flowers. A beautiful item which will add a touch of light and colour to any desk or living room coffee table.
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