Murano Glass Birds

Let yourself be inspired by the Glow and Movement of our sinuous Murano Glass Birds!

Horses, Birds, and even Fishes are the most popular animal subject the greatest Venetian Glassmaking artisans want to use. In the Isle of Murano, they give the glass new shapes and curves, going beyond their imagination and letting themselves be inspired by the romantic Venetian atmosphere.

Combining bright colors and spectacular glassmaking techniques our Murano Glass Masters are able to create extraordinary one-of-a-kind products. Vivid colored Glass Birds that resemble the rainbow spectrum and Parrots of highly chromatic quality are the focus of their craft, where tradition and newer glassmaking technologies shine.

Take a closer look at the refined feathers of our Murano Glass Birds, made by our skilled Masters who combine chalcedony quartz to create unique color lines and gold to give even more shine and distinctive chromatic features like in our beatiful CAPLIN.

The shape of Venice’s flora and fauna inspires the sinuous body of our Artisans’ works and becomes a source of inspiration as seen for example in SURFING BIRDS, in which an amber-toned glass enhances the idea of movement and seemingly reflects the paradise-like Lagoon’s panorama.

What are you waiting for? Grab your authentic Murano Glass Bird by exploring our extensive catalog. Come get to know us! Here are some samples for you to check.

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Colorful sculpture of interior design living room decor Murano elegant  sculpture body stylized smooth lines Colorful sculpture of interior design living room decor
$2,050.00 (tax incl.)
A splendid Murano glass sculpture representing a couple of birds. A precious piece of furniture for the living room or as a gift.
BONNIE & CLIDE pair of multicolor parrots BONNIE & CLIDE pair of multicolor parrots BONNIE & CLIDE pair of multicolor parrots
$1,980.00 (tax incl.)
Nice decorative sculpture of multicolored budgies, a blown glass collector's item to modernize the home space you prefer.
GATSBY & DAISY chalcedony flying ducks GATSBY & DAISY chalcedony flying ducks GATSBY & DAISY chalcedony flying ducks
$1,782.00 (tax incl.)
Hand blown glass duck sculpture in rainbow shades, a perfect pair to add some color to your bookshelf or makeover your coffee table.

Murano glass eagle sculpture glass bird sculpture with gold leaf detail Murano glass eagle sculpture
$6,058.80 (tax incl.) $6,732.00
Majestic falcon sculpture, in solid crystal glass and submerged pure 24kt gold leaf. A stunning focal point for your living room that will charm your guests

Murano glass birds sculpture Blown glass birds sculpture living room décor Murano glass birds sculpture
$1,366.86 (tax incl.) $1,438.80
Classic Murano glass sculpture of a couple of birds with murrine and gold leaf on the branch. This artwork is capable to complete with style any home space.

MuRANO GLASS small owl sculpture animal figure sculpture in multicolor glass with murrhine MuRANO GLASS small owl sculpture
$213.18 (tax incl.) $224.40
Glass owl animal sculpture with millefiori murrine and large red blown-glass eyes. Symbol of wisdom, is a perfect gift idea or decoration for your bookshelf in the living room.
multicolored glass sculpture multicolored bird-shaped sculpture multicolored glass sculpture
$583.00 (tax incl.)
Elegant glass sculpture with sinuous lines and blue and green tones. It represents a bird, an animal that you can commonly find in the ecosystem of the Venetian lagoon. Display it in your room to recreate the relaxing...
multicolored bird sculpture blue and green glass sculpture multicolored bird sculpture
$594.00 (tax incl.)
Refined glass sculpture which represents a bird with a sinuous body and a long neck. The blue and green tones create a mesmerizing effect that gives live to this awe-inspiring figure and catches anyone's attention....
multicolored glass penguin glass penguin blue and green hues multicolored glass penguin
$561.00 (tax incl.)
A lovely handcrafted glass penguin to enrich your home décor. The refined details, the sinuous design given by its wavy essential lines, and the green and blue shades are the result of the artistic flair of Murano...

Murano glass dove sculpture glass bird sculpture with gold leaf detail Murano glass dove sculpture
$1,981.32 (tax incl.) $2,085.60
Stunning crystal Murano glass sculpture of a dove with elegant and beautiful gold and colorful details. A unique piece of furniture for your home!


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