Modern Vases of Murano Glass Art

Murano Modern Glass Vases: Innovation is Key

This kind of Modern Vases can amazingly fit large and airy environments such as the entrance, the dining room, and the living room. It can be used as a focal point of your homely decor to give a touch of elegance and delicacy to your lifestyle as well as your rooms!

In order to realize these vases, the centenary blowing glass process is one of the most famous in the world: the blowing glass technique. It captures the brightness of these decorative objects. Let yourself be enchanted by the sheen they emanate!

History and tradition are necessary ingredients to create artworks of this kind. But to make them this unique only innovation and modernity can help. These traditional-modern Glasses mirror our extremely skilled glass masters who have been molding glass for generations, and all their creations are an unforgettable sign.

Giving shape to an object starting from raw material or assembling different materials, is an artist’s job. The raw material which we are talking about is one of the most precious materials: the Murano Glass. The artists instead are the careful hands of our Glass Masters, that create breath-taking products given that find their delicacy in the perfectly right mix of shapes and colors, written by the formula of beauty itself.

The creation of a sparkling atmosphere is something difficult to obtain without the right number of colors and styles. Our glass masters have been perfecting the art of the glass-making process, in order to give you all the elements you need to make your home shine with a new light.

The Furnace in front of which all of the magic happens is located on the Murano Island, the land of tradition and innovation. Modern Vases are not just part of the amazingly assorted collections given by Yourmurano, but also part of what makes our history this great and unique.

Don’t wait any longer to get to know us!

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