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Striulli Vetri d'Arte balances tradition and creativity in blown glassware and traditional chandeliers

A balanced mixture of tradition and creativity characterizes the production of Striulli Vetri d’Arte. Its owner and “glassmaster”, Alberto Striulli was mesmerized at a very young age by his grandfather’s and father’s “profession”. Both glass producers, Alberto learned the art of glass in a wide range of artistic sectors, like blown glassware and traditional chandeliers.

Starting in 1991, the Striulli Vetri d’Arte presents Murano glass items entirely hand-made by Alberto Striulli and his furnace glassmakers. To produce glass objects, Alberto Striulli uses traditional techniques. This makes the products both modern and antique at the same time. Suitable for any style of interior, these collector’s items will satisfy the most diverse requirement. His products include many different shapes and patterns. Colorful or plain colored. Vases, sculptures, drinking glass sets, bowls. All of them have a unique style and they are perfect as home decoration and  as an original gift ideas.

However, Alberto Striulli's best artworks are surely his chandeliers. These vary from Rezzonico designs to 1920s models, from clear glass to murrine. Every products he makes is higly studied in detail. Also, Striulli has his own signature design: the "rigadin". The rigadin is a straight ribbed pattern. He obtains this pattern by blowing red-hot glass into a rudimentary mold called "bronzin".

The “Striulli Vetri d’arte" is a member of the Promovetro Consortium, which gathers glass-making companies that follow the traditional Murano glass criteria. Its identification code is n. 080 of the “Vetro Artistico®Murano” trademark, certification accorded only to glassmaking furnaces in Murano.

What are you waiting for? Buy now magnificent Murano glass on our website. Here following some samples.

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