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Rialto Bridge

Products Made in Italy are recognized worldwide as a symbol for elegance, exclusiveness and sophistication.


The materials, the design, the craftsmanship and the creativity in the creation of products Made in Italy represent the Italian zest for life and the "Dolce Vita" that the world admires and imitates.

Made in Italy can be a calling card for anybody's lifestyle.

The elegance of jewellery or clothing, the luxury of furnishings, the design of an object, enrich the lives of millions of people and make your own lifestyle unique.

Just ask your friends. Who doesn't know and appreciate the value of Made in Italy?


Murano Glass is one of the most valued among products Made in Italy. Its long history and the craftsmanship of each handmade creation have ensured its lasting renown worldwide.


Vases, sculptures and Bowls that are manufactured today could very well brighten the life of their owner one hundred years from now, just like pieces that are now considered historical.


Necklaces and bijoux are handed down from generation to generation.




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support of the Venice Chamber
of Commerce

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