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COD: 007/F39

Wonderful mother-of-pearl Murano glass plate, from the "Nebulose" collection by Guido Ferro.
Diameter between 15" and 17,72".

Mark of Origin

n. 007

Lievi differenze sul colore sono tipiche di una lavorazione artigianale e ne costituiscono un pregio
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Weight: 6.61 lb
$ 445.00


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The "Nebulose" collection includes eight unique pieces, produced by Yalos exclusively for YourMurano.
Stars have always been dear to the Ferro family, as their coat of arms bears a comet, as well as an anchor. "Nebulose" is composed of eight artist's proofs that master Guido Ferro created exclusively for the web. The main feature of each of these plates is the internal decoration, unique and inimitable, obtained by a secret experimental technique, an innovation in glass artistry that propelled Yalos into the world of design and home decorating, making it one of the most highly renowned furnaces.

Each of these pieces of art recalls the constantly evolving colours of a nebula: each section magically changes as the light hits at different angles. The predominant tones in Crab Nebula are orange, blue, mother-of-pearl and green, which join and mix creating breathtaking reflections. The celestial Crab Nebula is visible in the Taurus constellation, the visible remnants of an ancient supernova.

Each "Nebulosa" is absolutely unique and, due to the experimental nature of its manufacturing, is impossible to capture precisely in a photograph. The colours visible depend on the light reflected at the moment, and this makes them exceptional.

The diameter measurement is approximate, due to the intentional irregularity of this centrepiece, as a distinctive feature of its exclusively handcrafted manufacturing.



Yalos Murano is an established brand, at the forefront of Murano art glass production; a leader in decoration, style, design for the modern home. Making glass in Murano means carrying forward a thousand-year-old tradition, a history of knowledge, secrets and craft that are the precious heritage protected by the mission of the company founded by the creatifity of Guido, Diego and Omar Ferro. The secrets and techniques of master glassmakers, together with fruitful collaboraiton with the most famous interior decorators in Italy and the world, have traced the success of numerous collections through the years.


The Ferro family has been present in Murano’s glass industry since the 1200′s, developing a know-how that, combined with tradition and technology, makes the FerroMurano a leader in the Murano glass industry. Within the continuous research and experimentation that has distinguished it through the years, FerroMurano now offers a new challenge: production of Murano glass panes, in various sizes, iridescent colours, infinite decorations and unique mixes, for design, interior and exterior decorating. FerroMurano tears down a new frontier, overcoming the traditional product concept to develop an architectural system, designed for a unique pane in different shapes, sizes and colours, with clear, opaque and semi-opaque finishes.


The use of a highly innovative technology exalts the technical qualities of the material, and the ensemble of its extraordinary aestetic value qualifies it as a choice product for exterior and interior panelling. The Yalos line was born to join the ancient artisanal craft to a modern, rigorous design in avant-garde geometries. Light, colours, shape, precious heritage become luxurious decorative elements. Yalos has always known and loved glass, because Yalos is glass.


The FerroMurano with Yalos is a member of the Promovetro Consortium, which gathers glass-making companies that follow the traditional Murano glass criteria, and it is identified by code n. 007 of the Vetro Artistico®Murano trademark, certification accorded only to furnaces that manufacture glass in Murano.

Project developed with the
support of the Venice Chamber
of Commerce

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