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MURANO GLASS CHRISTMAS GIFTS FROM VENICE - Jewellery, Vases, Bowls, Glasses, Sculptures, Decorations and much more.

Christmas Gifts


Every single object produced in Murano embodies a rare and timeless magic, a touch of warmth and atmosphere that only this centuries-old Venetian art can bring.

Giving one of these masterpieces means giving the prestigious gift of a tradition which lives above fashion, and often sets and anticipates design trends.

Owning the pure and untouched beauty of an original Murano glass product makes you the warden of a unique and unrepeatable work of art, with a value that is maintained over time.


Christmas Gifts


The range of choices we offer is incredibly wide: from murrina holiday decorations, to wonderful jewellery, large and small lucky-charm animal sculptures, picture frames to capture your memories, breathtakingly colourful vases, glassware sets to adorn your table settings, unique collection series goblets.


More than 800 creations by 18 different Murano factories.


All these masterpieces are created by hand on the island of Murano, each step of the way: from melting, to blowing, to shaping, to engraving and polishing. Each creation is a unique piece, born from the master glassmaker's creative energy and from the spectacular raw material that is glass!



YourMurano has reserved a series of exclusive services for you, as well as all the valuable support you need:

  • FREE gift wrapping
  • Wide range of choices among the finest production in Murano
  • FREE shipping on purchases over € 230
  • Only creations guaranteed by the Trademark of Origin by Italian law
  • Customization of products with engravings and screenprinting
  • Printing of custom notes, cards, leaflets to accompany your gift
  • Shipping to multiple recipients available
  • Tracking of shipments and delivery confirmation
  • Shipping insurance on all items


We know how important your gift-giving is to you. YourMurano is here for you, with quality services and products to ensure that your gift brings joy to your recipients for years to come.



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