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Ponte di Rialto



The great tradition of glass was first born in Venice and then moved to Murano, where it became a product of excellence to adorn the splendid palaces on the Grand Canal and the halls of royalty all over Europe.

Vases, Bowls and goblets have made Murano glass a privileged spectator of European and world history.

Jewellery and necklaces that brightened the look of princesses from times gone by, still today adorn and enhance beautiful young women and elegant ladies.


Owning a Murano glass piece, whatever its shape or size, means appreciating true beauty, but also holding a valuable object that is an investment for the future. In fact, countless creations that were originally born for everyday use are now on display in the biggest and most important museums worldwide, highly esteemed as art masterpieces.




Murano glass is warmth: it captures the intense heat of the furnace oven where it is born, and brings it directly into your home. Choosing it as a gift, as a symbol of elegance or a wish for success, means entrusting your thoughts and emotions to a great tradition of extraordinary Made in Italy quality. Holding a Murano glass creation in your hands means owning a key part of the true Venice, enjoying its lights and colours just like in Saint Mark's Square.

Murano glass is an elegant indication of luxury: celebrities, institutions, high fashion names, all choose it for their homes, representation offices or boutiques.


Receiving your guests under the elegant light of a sumptuous venetian chandelier, or capturing their attention towards the vibrant colours of a vase or the amazing shapes of a Murano glass sculpture, is truly a wonderful experience.

Murano glass has a million faces: centrepiece, mirror, vase, goblet, jewellery and chandelier. Among the many difficulties, the infinite experimentation, there is the challenge of making it wearable.


Transparencies, light, shadows, reflections and colours: these are the characteristics of every necklace that is born from the creativity of Murano. A touch of light and originality as a highlight of your style.


Murano Glass is ideal for jewellery and glamorous accessories for any age and outfit: glass glam style!


Murano glass is unambiguous: it carries class, fine taste, elegance, exclusivity, wealth and luxury, anywhere, anytime. Some of the biggest names in fashion, such as Cavalli, Bulgari, Fendi, Armani, have entrusted their home decoration collections to the skillful hands of the muranese master glassmakers.

Indeed, Murano glass has always been adventure and experimentation; the great architects, the best designers of every age and current have chosen to tackle the challenges of glass as a raw material and given life to masterpieces that have become legendary.


Murano glass is a gift unique and exclusive: no two objects could ever be identical. The handcrafted manufacturing processes necessarily bring about a uniqueness that ensures the impossibility of making a perfect copy. This is what sets venetian glass apart from the rest: it cannot be mass-produced. This is the ancient wisdom and knowledge that we have chosen to divulge and protect.


Like any creative work of great renown and success, Murano glass has always been subject to imitations and counterfeits. This is why YourMurano has chosen to offer its customers exclusively products certified and guaranteed by the "Vetro Artistico® Murano” Mark of Origin, protected by Italian law.


This is the one and only trademark in the world that legally guarantees the originality and authenticity of glass products, and certifies their production on the island of Murano according to ancient techniques and traditional materials.


Owning a work of art from the Murano tradition means expressing yourself and your lifestyle. An elegant mark of distinction -- stand out from the rest with an amazing product full of history.

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